MK Bullion

The Gold Bar Marketing & Trading Company

About MK Bullion

MK Bullion is the UAE Bullion dealers founded in 2000 successfully ventured buying, selling & exporting. Our integrated structure operating in the large-scale and small-scale mining have been developed in fields of gold exports. MK bullion partnered with various prestigious groups in MENA region. The large-scale miners produce over 50% of MENA gold exported to MENA region which is about 4 billion USD of gold officially, with raise in demand for more than 15% gold export in 2025, whereas small scale miners can produce approximately about 25% of gold exports by equating into 1.5 billion USD in 2020 alone.

We specialize in building process which normalize the networks of refining and exporting into UAE Markets. Our ability to bring small scalers miners into market through our channels by bringing transparency into the supply chain which is currently lacking.

Our successful partners in gold trade have shown keen interest to broaden our horizon to other countries. From the beginning of gold mining to control product trading end market gives our clients and partner’s a great advantage for our loyal customers.

MK Bullion trusts in a vision of transparency and better product with proven exports to our refinery clients in full compliance with local and international laws and standards.

Our service to our clients is an honest and resourceful with expertized process to achieve good business.

Key Strategy

Our key strategy focus areas identified to enable us to deliver our clients the best products & services.
Sustainable Product
Our clients are the main pillars of our business. We believe in making services sustainable. To remain loyal to our clients by exhibiting values of good conduct towards our business.
Financial Flexibility
MK Bullion intended to ensure our clients are secured and adequately funded to meet our needs and ensure transparency over the funds transfer and enlisting our procedure smoothly.
Policy Planning Supplies
Mk Bullion has a vigorous process in securing clients and refinery miners before on boarding them into our process.
Ensure Quality Products
We procure gold Dore bars only from register legal miners who follow guidelines aid done by DMCC and gold antiquity and gold mining.


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